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Idwell Consultancy helps companies and institutions in designing and executing digital strategies.

The evolution of technology is providing more options for companies to regain focus on their core activities and their customers or clients. A digital platform can be put in place to support staff in becoming more productive, creative and meaningful. The digital organization is a collaboration between humans and computers to build this digital platform.

If you follow the trends and developments concerning business and management than you would have noticed that the latest trends in IT are about cognitive computing, robotics and the Internet-of-Things. Moore’s law predicts a doubling of computing power every year. More computing power will enable systems to run through a multitude of scenarios and possibilities in a very short amount of time. Which in turn means that computers can learn to make decisions based a very large data sets. That is what cognitive computing is promising. At the same time we are connecting more and more sensors to the Internet, gathering larger and larger datasets. It will allow us over time to build systems that will automate more human tasks. It will also allow for new services that can be made available to a larger group of people, in principle all over the world, for a lower price than traditional services.

These developments offer new promises but are also a threat to the human workforce. If machines will take over human tasks, what are humans supposed to do? And if humans will lose their jobs, who can afford to pay for the new services that will be created? There is a lot of discussion on these scenarios and we are still far from adequate in predicting the future.

At the same time digital platforms are still relying on technology that might break down or not work in the way it is expected. IT is a concept that more and more is considered a bit tainted. There is a reason why discussions on digital strategy and the Chief Digital Officer are replacing discussion on IT strategy and the Chief Information Officer. The reliability of IT is not strong enough to fully support a true digital platform. To be honest, the reliability of the technology itself has only improved. It is often the complexity of the older IT systems that are still in operation and the mechanical view of the IT department who maintains them that are to blame.

Setting up a digital strategy helping companies and institutions to build their supporting platform and organization is what Idwell can provide. It also means that Idwell will help assess what needs to be done about the current IT platform and organization. Idwell has the skills and experience to guide companies to this transformation into the digital age.


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