HBR : The 5 Paradoxes of Digital Business Leadership

In this HBR article the authors describe the challenges for the CIO and other technology leaders to get digital leadership right. There are 5 dilemma's to be dealt with:

1. Radically innovate while optimizing operations

2. Compete in sprints while delivering long-term value

3. Integrate external partners while operating as a single entity

4. Recognize that providing immediate digital value plays a large role in sales but that more value is delivered over time

5. Provide technologically enabled offerings while focusing on value, not technology


The 5 Paradoxes of Digital Business Leadership

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Source Information

Original Title: The 5 Paradoxes of Digital Business Leadership

External source: Harvard Business Review

Author: Tomas Nielsen and Patrick Meehan

Publication date: 07/02/2015

Author: Digital Curator

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