Sounding Board Service

  • Objective: Feedback to improve ideas and plans

  • Description

    A sounding board is according to Wikipedia:

    “The term is also used inter-personally to describe one person listening to another, and especially to their ideas. When a person listens and responds with comments, they provide perspective that otherwise would not be available through introspection or thought alone.”

    The consultants at Idwell can act as a sounding board for directors, managers, specialists who are looking for an outside perspective on their plans or idea’s. Sometimes it is important that someone listens to the idea and reflect back what they understand the idea is all about. And sometimes you need someone with experience that can give feedback on your plan from that experience and can articulate risks and possible effects on your organization or clients.




    1. Initiation: to create the optimal settings to discuss your ideas and plans a couple of questions need to be asked. The level of confidentiality need to be set and agreed upon. The format needs to be set, a personal meeting or a workshop. If necessary documentation on plans can be shared and maybe some additional research is needed.

    2. Meeting/dialogue/workshop: Depending on the outcome of the initiation the meeting or workshop will take place.

    3. The output of the meeting will be shared with the client. This can be an e-mail with the highlights or a presentation with the outside-in perspective

    More Information

    For more information on our service Sounding Board Service you can contact:

    Paul Leenards


    T +31 6 1869 3246