The State of your ICT Department

  • Objective: Analysis of strategic needs and capabilities of ICT

  • Description

    When you walk into the room where your IT department resides, do you feel like you walked into a computer repair shop? With random spare parts stacked on a desk and a shelf overflowing with old keyboards? When you talk to your IT staff, do you understand where they are coming from? And do you feel that they understand your needs? When you are considering implementing a new and interesting technology, does your IT department tell you it is not possible to implement? That your IT infrastructure is actually working might be a small miracle?

    It is often the case that the IT department is trying hard to understand the complexity of the IT infrastructure they manage and to keep it working. Often new technology seem to work fine at home and in an open network, but is very difficult to implement in an existing corporate structure. And it is often not so much about the technology, but about the people having to work with it.

    We can help you in assessing the state your ICT department is in. How well do they know what is required of them? How well can they deal with the daily demands of running an ICT infrastucture? What does your ICT infrastructure look like on a more strategic level (Architecture)? What is missing and what might be worth saving?

    In a short period of time we map your functional needs, your IT solutions and your IT organization and give you advise in how to move forward.


    – Together with our client we create an approach to gather all relevant information. Who do we need to talk to? What do we need to read? What would be the scope of our investigation?
    – We conduct interviews with stakeholders, document research, may be a technical scan of the IT infrastructure
    – We report our findings to the stakeholders for accuracy and completeness
    – In a workshop we present our findings and discuss scenario’s
    – We present our conclusions to our client
    – Evaluation of the project

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