CIO’s are not recognized as experts: start acting like an expert

In a new report by Fruition Partners 100 CIO’s in the UK were asked about their opinions and observations in regard to Cloud Computing. In an article on Business Cloud News on this report I’ve found this intriguing quote: “Over three quarters (78 per cent) of CIOs stated that the rest of the business frequently does not seek their advice when it comes to the procurement of public cloud services, and about one in two CIOs believe their employees are side-stepping their own IT departments and going directly to cloud service providers for application support.” It doesn’t surprise me that that most CIO’s feel that their IT departments are sidestepped by employees.

The Second Machine Age or Machine Age, Part II

Over a year ago authors Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson wrote the bestsellerThe Second Machine Age, that demonstrated how new developments in the computer industry are making the automation of cognitive tasks possible. With these developments many office workers will be out of a job. What happened to the unskilled blue collar workers in the 19th century will now happen to the skilled white collar workers of the 21st century. A gloomy prospect? Perhaps. The new machine age will create new jobs that we haven’t thought of yet, as happened in the first machine age. The future might be bright, after all. Today I read predictions by Richard van Hooijdonk