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The digital society is where computers and people meet and make the world a bit better.

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Nicholas Carr: The World Wide Cage

Does the Internet provide an unlimited amount of freedom or is it really an illusion and are we less free than we were before the birth of the World Wide Web?

The Guardian: How technology disrupted the truth Back to Digital Curator | Back to Digital Society | 

ToDoist : Read Less. Learn More.

Technology can help you read more in less time. The question is if that is actually helpful or are these innovations hurting your comprehension?

Fast Co.Create: 4 Lessons in creativity from John Cleese

Through a series of stories, Cleese spoke of the importance of succumbing to the unconscious mind, two key traits possessed by highly successful creative people, the necessity of allowing for contemplative thinking, and why all of these together result in creative breakthroughs.

HBR: Building a Collaborative Enterprise

At many leading-edge enterprises, a new form of organization is emerging-one that is simultaneously innovative and efficient, agile and scalable. It is a way of working that focuses on knowledge production.