Digital Strategy

Digital strategy or digital transformation is about using technology to gain competitive advantage and create new business models or new ways of getting things done. 

S+B: You can’t benchmark culture

Many managers and consultants approach organizations as if it is a closed and mechanical system. They expect to be able to freeze the organization, do a major change and then unfreeze to get the expected results. The acquisition of an innovative company in order to eject their mindset and culture into the organization is an example of that approach. Getting an interior designer to change the office into a Google playground is a similar idea. It doesn’t work that way. Organizations are more like open and organic systems. Rather than using surgery to replace unwanted parts, you can better teach …

Is Digital as an adjective no longer needed?

When I started as a freelance consultant I was searching for the right angle to present myself to potential clients. One of my first engagement meetings was with an IT director that I got introduced to through my network. When I introduced myself as an experienced consultant in IT, he immediately dived into the technical ins-and-outs of his datacenter. I realized that IT has a descriptive term is perceived as very technical. And I am not that technical. So, I went out looking for a better term to describe my field of expertise and ended up with the Digital Organization. …

Paul Wilkinson: What does IT Value Look Like?

What Does IT Business Value Look Like? – ITChronicles Question: Why do we struggle so much in understanding and demonstrating VALUE with IT? Notice I did not say WITHIN IT. This is not simply an IT issue. It crosses the CHASM that is held in place by both Business & IT. In this article I will be focusing on ITSM value, not broader IT value.