Idwell Projects


On these pages you find an overview of the projects Idwell is currently working on and projects Idwell has been involved with in the past. These are projects for our clients as well as product developments and research projects. Projects for our clients are confidential. Information posted here will only be generic in regards to current projects. 

Current Projects

Connected Smart Buildings

Paul LeenardsPaul Leenards

For a client we are creating a vision paper and presentation on the Digital Building. The main question is how the integration of building management systems with ICT (specific data analytics and Internet-of-Things) will change the way a building is designed, build and used. Continue reading Idwell Projects

Digital Experiment Center (Digital Laboratorium)

Paul LeenardsPaul Leenards

Idwell helps a large city in the Netherlands in creating a Digital Experiment Center to investigate and test innovations to support construction and maintenance in the city. Continue reading Idwell Projects

Supporting the board ICT4FREE

Paul LeenardsPaul Leenards

The board of ICT4FREE asked us for help to re-evaluate their mission and strategy and to create a plan to consolidate and expand the operations. Continue reading Idwell Projects

Past Projects

Sourcing Strategy - IKNL (Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland)


Paul LeenardsPaul Leenards

For a client Idwell created a sourcing strategy for renewal of the contract on IT infrastructure provision based on more direct involvement of the end-user and using Best Value Procurement as methodology. Continue reading Idwell Projects

Workshop Hack@Pand - DWA


Paul LeenardsPaul Leenards

Idwell created a workshop on Smart Building solutions and their potential impact on office improvement Continue reading Idwell Projects