Paul Leenards.

Paul Leenards (1970) is the founder and owner of Idwell, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in shaping service organizations through technological and digital innovations. Originally a student of social sciences, Paul immersed himself in the automation realm during the mid-nineties, a period marked by exponential growth in automation, ICT, and the internet. His pivotal involvement in E-Banking and Internet Banking initiatives (, spearheading the implementation of new work methodologies (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), and witnessing the internet’s evolution into a service (Freeler) highlighted the necessity for comprehensive IT department support and development.

Paul’s proactive engagement in the application and advancement of ITIL, the Microsoft Operations Framework, and other methodologies, initially as a consultant for Pink Elephant and later as a board member of ITSMF Netherlands, validated his expertise in the field. His commitment to mastering the domain culminated in a Master’s in IT Management from Delft University of Technology.

During his tenure at Getronics and subsequently at KPN, Paul emerged as a key driver in establishing their consultancy practice. Progressing from a practice manager to a director, he spearheaded a team of consultants executing projects for KPN’s clientele, notably executives and managers in the healthcare sector. This strategic contribution significantly augmented KPN Zorg’s portfolio. As the head of the consultancy practice, Paul orchestrated the establishment of robust training programs for consultants and integrated streamlined processes to enhance the delivery of consulting services.

Paul’s leadership prowess extends beyond conventional managerial roles; his knack for translating abstract strategies into actionable plans, adaptive ideation, swift data analysis, coaching acumen, and visionary results define his professional trajectory. His ability to inspire teams, adeptly guide them toward tangible outcomes, and navigate complex change programs underscores his dynamic approach to achieving impactful results.