Paul Leenards

Paul Leenards (1970) is founder and owner of Idwell. Paul Leenards has over 20 years of experience in creating service organizations using technology and digital solutions. Early in his career he got involved in the Internet revolution, specific in Banking and the airline industry. Later he helped IT organizations optimize their performance by applying ideas and practices from ITIL, COBIT, ASL/BISL, LEAN, Agile, EFQM, DevOps. Paul worked with Microsoft in the development of their Microsoft Operations Framework. For KPN and their Healthcare clients Paul and his team developed an Healthcare Enterprise Architecture.

Paul Leenards
Paul Leenards
– Principal Consultant in Digital Strategy and Digital Organizations
– Program Manager
– Manager of Change or Transformation Manager
– Expert in ITIL, Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), COBIT, EFQM
– Trainer, Faciliator
– Expert in Solution Sales
Master in IT Management

In 2007 Paul finished his Master degree in IT Management at the Delft University of Technology. In his final thesis Paul investigated if it was possible to use the ITIL v3 Framework to transform the IT Organization to the ISO20.000 standards within the timeframe of a year. The conclusion: it is possible under certain circumstances.