This is is a short overview of projects Idwell is working on or has been involved with.

City of Amsterdam: Rainproof

One of the projects I am working on for the City of Amsterdam is to select and implement a digital modelling solution for the flow of rainwater. The expectations are that in the near future more frequent and more intense rain-showers will happen. These can disrupt the city and cause potential damage to important infrastructure. The Engineering Department of the City will have to check all plans for changes in the city if they are ‘rainproof’. Can these changes withstand a rain-shower of specific intensity or will there be flooding? There is a good map of Amsterdam showing the levels of rainproof the city is. The project To support the…

City of Rotterdam: Digital Experiment Center

What can we do with new digital technology? That was the main question of the Engineering Department of the City of Rotterdam. They were asking for a BIM (Building Information Modelling) – Laboratory to work with CAD and 3D technology. Their IT department’s main focus was on keeping the general infrastructure working and safe. How to create a Sandbox for experimenting with IT solutions and be able to experiment with real situations from the daily experiences of the engineers and advisors. The project From the start the scope of the project was to provide the possibility to experiment and explore to all the colleagues working at the City of Rotterdam….