Reading is something I like to do. I like to read books, magazine articles, blogs, scientific texts and whitepapers on all kind of subjects. When I travel by train and metro to a client site I have the opportunity to read a lot of articles. Using tools like Feedly, Pocket and Diigo as well as Evernote I can find new interesting input, organize information and save the articles I like for later. My goal is to share articles, blogs as well as video’s and maybe podcasts that I have curated over time. Where I can I will introduce the article with a short summary and a note on why I want to share it.

Digital Curator

Going digital

Most of articles I link to on this site relate to my work as a consultant in digital transformation and the governance of new technology opportunities like those offered by IT. Over time I have realized that presenting myself as a consultant in the IT field creates the impression that my work is mostly about ICT technology. Where I am mainly concerned with the organizing aspect of technology, how to change IT departments to contribute value to the business and what this means for the human factor on both sides of the classic divide (Business-IT). Lateley I have also been doing more projects on the business side than in ICT itself. I decided to start using the digital organization as the main concept in my work: the organization (governance, management, architecture) of humans and (information) systems working together to add value and accomplish goals. To be consistent I have gone digital all the way.

Digital Future

Many new innovations relate to making information semi-automatically available in order to steer or direct a solution. In one of my past-projects I was involved in creating the infrastructure that would make it possible for a surgeon to operate on a patient on the other side of the world. This technology might make it possible to keep people out of the operation room and keep the room as sterile as possible. This technology is not yet mature enough to be used on a day-to-day basis, it illustrates potential.

Predicting the future is hard. Knowing what is potential possible helps to make decisions now to deal with these possible futures and make steps in allowing this to happen. The articles I have curated here are about innovations with potential and on discussions how these might impact our future world.

Digital Futrue

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Digital Organization

With the future becoming more digital companies and non-profit organizations will have to start organize to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Information systems in the broadest sense can take on work that are difficult for humans to do. That can be the work to sift through large data-sets, doing repetitive tasks or being available 24 hours a day. Workers can benefit from using computers and other IT devices to create new opportunities and get to perform on an higher level. Of course, that is unfortunate not always the case and there are many examples where IT created more hassle than they solve.

Digital organization

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Digital Society

In the recent past it was mostly in work where computers and IT had an impact. Nowadays the digital world can be found everywhere. From reading the news, booking a trip, sharing your health information with a doctor, listening to a concert and so on. Digital is changing the world and offers opportunities as well as risks, One example is the role of technology in updating our cities, in making them smart. Is that a good idea? There is something to be said that we should take the perspective of smart citizens over that of smart cities. For me that is what a digital society is about: dealing with the consequences from a moral and ethical perspective over a focus on just technology.

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Digital Strategy

The future will become digital and organizations will have to be digital and that is not the situation today. Many companies started as a traditional analog organization, based on structures and hierarchies rooted in the industrial revolutions or even older. Even though I am not convinced that every organization will have to become fully digital, digital transformation is for many companies a serious consideration. For me a digital strategy is about finding the best way forward to apply innovations and digital technologies in an organization.

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