Idwell Advisory helps companies and institutions in designing and executing strategies to become digital organizations. Digital organizations optimize the benefits of new technologies with the power that people bring into solving problems and creating new opportunities.

The future is digital

New technologies bring new possibilities. These new possibilities can transform organizations when these organizations find the right way to apply them. All aspects of organizations that have a basis in information can be digitized. Researching these new opportunities through innovation and experimentation help management to make the right decisions on when to buy, build and use these new technologies.

Digital transformation is much more than technology

New technologies can bring new opportunities when these technologies are approached from the perspective of value to the organization as a whole. Sure, technology can be interesting and have a core value in its design and engineering. And, only in the use of technology will actual value become available. Often innovation and the implementation of new technology are treated separate from the daily operations. That is why often innovation doesn’t deliver on its promise, because it is not made part of the core of the organization. Innovation is not something you should do on the side. For innovation to be successful it better be at the heart of organization.

Recent observations

Idwell Approach to Digital Transformation

Idwell supports business and IT management in creating and managing digital organizations:

  • Discover possibilities and decide on scenario’s
  • Organize and design teams and systems
  • Direct the organization and explore the ecosystem
  • Improve, evolve and experiment

The digital curator

The world is becoming digital. That is what seems to happen at this moment. And technology and innovation are getting a lot of attention. Idwell’s digital curator keeps track of what is happening with new technology and how this impacts organizations and society. On the pages of the digital curator external articles, blogs, presentations and video’s are collected in organized in 5 main categories: digital future (new technologies, trends and innovations), digital organization (humans and machines working together), digital strategy (transforming organizations), digital building (smart workplaces) and the digital society (how technology can impact society) 

Digital Curator