MIT Sloan: In the age of digital everything, is it time to eliminate IT?

Some time ago I was reading some critical articles on the role of the IT department. Some writers were arguing that with the emergence of cloud services the traditional IT department could become obsolete. I don’t think that moving to the cloud will be the end of f IT departments. In that case the IT department will still be needed to manage the virtual data center or to manage the cloud providers. When the business starts to use IT services from the cloud directly and without support from their IT department than we can put an end to the traditional IT department. What is needed is a mix of business and technology savvy team members working together to bring value to the organization. I call this the digital organization.

Research by MIT support my conclusion as well. Companies that have closed their IT department and mixed IT staff with the business shown that it can be done.

In the age of digital everything, is it time to eliminate IT? | MIT Sloan

As companies grapple with artificial intelligence, the “internet of things,” and implementing digital platforms, information technology departments are once again in the spotlight. But could the IT department’s very existence – and the wall that is too often erected between technologists and the rest of the business – actually be the reason many organizations are having difficulties embracing digital opportunities?

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